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Pre-travel excitement, delivered.

The Anticipation of Discovery

Curated boxes to excite your customers and evoke the magic of travel before a trip

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What's in the Box?

How are you rewarding travelers for booking with your company? Luggage tags? Why not create a pre-trip experience so memorable, so delightful, that your customers will want to tell the world about it. 

About BiegerBox


Founded in 2018 by husband and wife Patrick and Danielle Bieger, BiegerBox aims to help the travel industry connect with a new generation of travelers, adventure-seekers, and globe trotters. From travel lovers, for travel lovers, the BiegerBox team is here to help. 

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Why send a BiegerBox?

Into Psychology

Studies show that the biggest boost of happiness travelers receive comes pre-trip.
By not connecting your brand with this happiness you are missing a key customer experience.

Brand Awareness

Recipients of a pre-trip box will often share this experience with others, in person, in conversation, or on social media. This represents a new brand awareness opportunity for travel providers. 

With Your Customers

Reaching out directly to your customers, particularly those in the Millennial and Gen-Z age groups, will allow for the creation of a more personal link between them and your business, driving repeat bookings. 

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